Milk or Dark Mini Cones

Two chocolate filled sugar cones come per box.

---   $3.95   ---

Milk or Dark Sixteen Piece Toffee

Eight butter toffee pieces and eight almond toffee pieces

---   $15.95   ---

Large Milk or Dark Chocolate Star (Filled)

Filled with a variety of our Indulge pieces.

---   $36.95   ---

Milk or Dark Chocolate Concoction Bar

Half pound chocolate bar filled four different ways. Flavors include peanut butter, walnuts, cashews or pretzels and M&Ms.

---   $8.95   ---

Milk or Dark Half Moon

Comes filled with two surprise flavors of Indulge pieces.

---   $5.95   ---

Eight Pack of Indulge One-Shots

Indulge's pieces filled with liquid centers. We recommend taking the whole piece in one bite to avoid any drips. Flavors include two each of blueberry, red raspberry, salty caramel, and strawberry.

---   $8.95   ---